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Long Tail Kitties | Pants | Blankets | Stories


Kitties are so lovable! They are soft, colorful, playful, and oh, so curious! Pull a string and they will chase it. Scratch fabric and they will come to see what's happening. Dangle a play toy and they will jump to grab it. Kitties are natural entertainers!


They come in so many colors and patterns with short hair, long hair and even a few with no hair. Whatever the hair color or length, you always want to touch them for their softness. Even pick them up and snuggle with them. Kitties capture our attention.


Even with all of these wonderful attributes, kitties tails are their most intriguing feature. Whether working as a balancing aid or communicating their mood, kitties tails are their most unique part.


Long Tail Kitties wants to share with you our love for these adorable companions. We offer bedtime stories, pants with colors and designs, blankets for strollers and tummy time, and larger blankets to snuggle under. All to give you moments of warmth, comfort, and affection just like our furry friends.

(And Made In The USA.)

Checkout Our Newest Pants:
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