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Friends of Long Tail Kitties.

There have been many people that have contributed to the creation of the Long Tail Kitties. Stories, illustrations, Dotty Girl and Cappuccino Kitty apparel, blankets, and other accessories will be offered in coming months. To say thanks to those that helped me find the creative help I needed, this web page is for them to show their creative ideas.

I would like to say a personal thanks to the following: Susan Roseman-Artie Art; Liz Folk-superb creative design talent; Kerry and Nancy Gingrich-Total Equestrian Elite Sportswear; Steve Bross-Media Cohort; Steve Lefkowitz-illustrator; the Newtown, PA chapter of SCBWI, particularly Barbara Clark; Susan Hughes-writing coach.There will be updates and others added so you can see my friends creative work. But, you have to visit us to see what delights we have to offer.

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