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Long Tail Kitties-A Story Book - Special Things to Come!

Tales of the Long Tail Kitties- a collection of stories in a chapter book about the Kitties start as a family. James, Stevie, Lucy, and Ricky, move to a new house in a new neighborhood. How do the Kitties deal with their move and adjust to their new lives. Is it scary? Do they meet new friends? What if other kitties in the new neighborhood aren’t friendly? What do they do?

These stories are made for Moms and Dads, Grandmoms and Granddads, Aunts and Uncles to read at bedtime to their daughters and sons, grand daughters and grand sons, and nieces and nephews. What to expect? The unexpected just like kitties. These stories are best enjoyed curled up under a warm Dotty Girl Nap Time blanket.

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